AGZAMIA BUSINESS CORP was incorporated on the 12th of September, 2016 in accordance with laws of Republic of Seychelles. Our company has few directions: wholesale trade and financial intermediation. AGZAMIA BUSINESS CORP is engaged in wholesale trade of various goods, especially wholesale of household liquid boiler fuel, coal, wood fuel, fuel peat. We offer high-performance products at wholesale prices. We are happy to advise our clients, provide high-quality service and prompt delivery.
AGZAMIA BUSINESS CORP has a large number of established contacts with consumers and other market participants, we are able to ensure the availability of goods to a wide range of buyers, bringing it to the target markets. We eliminate long gaps in time, place and ownership that separate goods and services from those who want to use them.
Also, one of the main directions of our company’s work is financial intermediation – temporarily released finances received from the business activities AGZAMIA BUSINESS CORP transfer to enterprises and private clients.